Tuesday, July 26, 2011

another halloween finish

I finished up another of the PS Halloween designs from the Boo to You leaflet. These are so fun! I only have 3 more to go, then to figure out what to do with them all.

I did decide to take a break from my Halloween stitching to work a little bit on Snow White.

I'm loving how this one is turning out on the blue linen, though the picture doesn't show the true color of it.

I'm having a bit of stitching ADD lately though, where I can't really decide on what project to work on, so I'm working a little on this and a little on that. Plus there are so many others that keep making their way on my to-do list! I think I need more time in the day....

Hopefully I'll have more progress pictures soon!


  1. Your Halloween piece is SO cute!

    I'm doing that same pattern! Mine is stashed away though because it was too-much-white ;o)

  2. Thank you! I hear you with too much of one color... after stitching three of these in a row, I was getting a little tired of all of the 3371. I needed a break!