Tuesday, January 4, 2011

just dropping in...

We have had a very busy few days! I was hoping to start another new challenge project, but with things as hectic as they are, I think I will probably stay with my original plan of starting them a little later in the month. I am enjoying seeing all of the progress pictures though!

I have been stitching on a cute little owl kit I got in my stocking. It's a great project for when you only have a few minutes here or there.

I'm really enjoying this one. I'm sorry for the blurry pic - I used my cell phone.

Thank you for the comments on my first challenge start. They definitely help with the motivation to keep going!


  1. A cutie, this little owl.
    At the moment I'm still on track with my starts, but next week it'll be back to work and I zhink I won't be able to start a new project every day. So it will probably be every other day. For me that's OK as well.